Building a State-System Model: a Timeline

What are we working on
CURRENTLY (June 2021):

Building out the onboarding (to the university system) and designing a process for the recruitment of Flexible pathway Fellows

Creating an onboarding presentation about USM institutions to facilitate match-making of Flexible Fellows

We have two manuscripts in preparation! One on the development of a state-system model and one on postdoc conversion models, highlighting the programs within the USM.

We are planning our 2021 Summer Success Institute (Aug 19-20), a Recruiting event (July 22) and a Future Biomedical Faculty Conference (Sept 24).

Building a model has required an iterative process of ideation, putting things into practice, receiving/integrating feedback, and institutionalizing policy. This is an ongoing effort, but we hope that this timeline is helpful for those considering replicating this model.

Relationship Building &
Idea Formation

Each hyperlink connects to supporting documents. For several items, additional collapsible text containing “Lessons Learned” will be added.

Implementation &
Initiating Practices

  • 2019: Hired two Fellows, one at SU and one at UMCP
  • 2019: Began providing professional development that leverages institutional strengths of alliance institutions
  • 2020: Hired 3 Fellows, 2 at UMCP and one at UMBC, and converted the Fellow at SU to tenure track
  • 2020: Established a Guidance Document for the Recruitment and Selection of APAA Fellows which contains job ad language, recruitment contacts and suggestions, and sample rubrics.
  • 2020: Revised professional development calendar around Common Learning Outcomes and Fellow needs
  • 2020: Began distributing Expectations for Fellows & Mentors, and assessing Fellows with Skills Assessment Tool
  • 2020: Created a prototype Opportunities for Professorial Advancement database to serve both as a directory of postdoctoral fellows across the system and opportunities for those scholars (guest lectures, classes to teach, etc.)
  • 2021: Hired 3 new Fellows: 1 at UMBC, 1 at UMCP and 1 at UMB (bringing total to 8 so far)

Institutionalization &

  • 2020: Two LT members join the USM Appointment, Promotion and Rank Committee, begin conversations around system policies (such as search waivers) that facilitate conversion to tenure track.
  • 2020: UMB Commits funds to a pre-determined pathway for at least 2 fellows.
  • 2020: APAA Research Team presents to USM Provosts and Academic Affairs staff, with follow up at SU. SU integrates APAA input into campus diversity, equity and inclusion plan.
  • 2020-2021: Project Director meets with USM staff multiple times about system support, policy, funding, legislative requests
  • 2021: TU commits to hiring a Fellow for Fall 2022 start.
  • 2021: Met with USM to assess ability to create the Opportunities for Professorial Advancement database – they agreed to build the database in May 2021.

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